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The Next Revolution for Investing in Capital Markets: Taking Away Beta-Risk with Life Settlement Portfolios

This wondeful 4 page report was created by Tom Climo. Some excerpts include:

A life settlement investment significantly enhances the impounded value of an investment portfolio by assuring a stated volume return (the death benefit). Rates of return are not affected by shifts in the fate of markets, only by the wait in time from the date of investment to the date of payment as beneficiary. The shorter the wait, the higher the return. If the insured passes within the first three years, the return to the life settlement beneficiary ranges from 25% to over 100%. Similarly, the longer the wait, the less the return. However, even a six-year wait for the passing of a seriously-ill insured will earn 10%. When mapped against the existing risk-free or Treasury note rate, life settlement portfolios outperform every instance of Treasury returns until the tenth year.

In addition, the life insurance industry has conducted considerable research into its responsibility and success at meeting the obligation to pay a death benefit when connected with a proof of death and absent circumstances such as fraud or pre-existing conditions that could invalidate a death claim. In the entire history of life insurance policies, the incidence of defaulted death benefit payments fails to register even a scan or blip in a chart or screen correlating death benefit claims with death benefit payments where a proof of death is provided. The prospect of a life insurance company failing to pay a death benefit is less likely than the United States of America defaulting on a Treasury note payment. This association of zero Beta-risk with positive extra-risk-free return is at the basis of the revolution brought to capital asset pricing by life settlement portfolios.

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