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A Life Insurance Settlement is a financial transaction where an investment firm (funding entity) buys an existing in force life insurance policy, and transfer ownership and the right to collect the death benefit when the insured passes. The investment firm pays the settlement price to the original policy owner and then assumes responsibility for all of the ongoing policy premium payments.

Over the last five years a very large secondary investors market in life settlements has developed. Owning life insurance is actually a form of investment, and the return on that investment is the death benefit paid to the policy's beneficiaries. Historically a life insurance policy is one of the most reliable investments available anywhere, because the death benefit is guaranteed by the full faith and credit of very highly rated institutions with many billions in assets.

This has opened the door to millions of seniors over the age of 65 that may have unwanted or unneeded life insurance policies. The emergence of the life insurance settlement market is without doubt one of the most exciting and fundamental changes to the life insurance industry in over 150 years. Life Settlements are truly a win-win transaction for both the policy owners that sell the policy, and for the investors that buy them.

Thus, life insurance settlements have completely transformed how senior citizens view buying, owning and the possibility of selling their life insurance in the secondary market.

Life Insurance Settlement investors will consider purchasing all types of policies. Including whole life, universal life, term life, variable life, joint policies, key man policies, and even group life policies.

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